Bridging the Gap between Short-term Hospitalization and Home

By Kindred Healthcare

When Edward came to a Kindred Hospital, he was on a ventilator after respiratory complications following major surgery. Edward is one of many patients who need extra care and more time to recover after a short-term hospital stay. Kindred Hospital is part of a nationwide network of Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals that help bridge the gap between short-term hospitalization and home.

Bridging the Gap between Short-term Hospitalization and Home

Many of the patients we see can’t breathe on their own, or they have a condition that makes them prone to more complications with an illness or injury. Kindred Hospitals have been focused on these medically complex patients for more than two decades. We helped develop the long-term model of care for patients who can’t get better during a short-term stay. Our facilities and services are designed to provide this extra level of care, and every patient has a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to achieving the fullest and quickest recovery possible.

"At one time I was unable to stand for 30 seconds. Now I walk 1/4 mile everyday without assistance. Once again, heartfelt thanks to Kindred Hospital for making me a 'Miracle.'"  – Ed

Kindred Hospitals are where the sickest patients go when they need comprehensive, individualized treatment before going home or returning to a nursing home. We specialize in respiratory care, complex wound treatment and other services including rehabilitation, dialysis and critical care. For Edward, who at one point couldn’t stand for any longer than 30 seconds, that personalized treatment meant working toward his goal of going home able to walk a quarter mile each day.

Families play an important role on the care team, and we provide information and education to help them support a successful transition home for the patient.

For our patients and their families, Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals deliver the care needed when a typical five-day stay at a traditional hospital isn’t enough. As a healthcare organization we’re proud of our clinical outcomes, but as healthcare providers we’re proud of Edward, and of our other patients’ success.