Extra Care for Your Heart: Cardiac Specialty Program at Kindred

By Kindred Healthcare

February 9 -15, 2014 is National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week.

It may be time to leave the hospital, but you may not be ready to return directly home after recovering from a heart attack. If you need extra care, your physician may send you to a Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for our Cardiac Specialty Program. Our services help you transition from hospital to home as quickly and safely as possible, and reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to go back to the hospital.

Cardiac Specialty Program at Kindred Specialized Heart Care

For patients recovering from a heart attack, pacemaker placement and other cardiac-related surgeries and conditions, Kindred’s Cardiac Specialty Program offers the support of a team of cardiologists, nurses, dietitians, therapists and other care providers. We develop a comprehensive cardiac profile to manage risk factors and create a customized treatment plan that includes a progressive exercise regimen tailored to each patient’s needs and abilities. In addition to physical therapy, we offer occupational and speech therapies up to seven days a week. Patients also get help with smoking cessation, stress reduction and nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Program Focus

The goal is to get our patients ready to manage basic daily activities at home and improve mobility. We work to increase the distance walked during a 6-minute walk test and to improve changes in breathlessness and exertion while exercising. We also assist with care planning and educate patients and their families on what to expect to help make the transition as smooth as possible and prevent further complications.

Easy Admission and Discharge

Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers offer streamlined admission and discharge processes so patients can quickly get the care they need after leaving the hospital and get home faster once they’re better. With our reservation program, a room can even be reserved prior to surgery.

You can find out more about the other specialty programs offered at our Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers here in addition to other resources for patients and their families. To search for a facility near you, use our facility locator.