Try Something New for National Nutrition Month

By Quincie Grounds, RD/LD, CNSC

As we focus on good nutrition during National Nutrition Month, I challenge you to explore new flavors and foods. Explore the vast array of foods at your local grocery store, restaurants, and at home in your own kitchen.

Try Something New for National Nutrition MonthAt the grocery store:

When shopping, make it a point to try one new fruit, vegetable or whole grain every week. Start small by picking a new variety of apple or potato and then try venturing into the world of whole grains trying whole wheat couscous, quinoa, barley, whole grain rice and whole wheat pastas. Have your family choose a new recipe to try each week that includes an ingredient you aren’t familiar with.

Eating at restaurants:

The next time you and your family head out to eat, choose a restaurant that features ethnic foods from Asia, Europe or Africa. These restaurants often feature menus filled with healthy options that will be new to you. Try a restaurant that specializes in local produce or seasonal ingredients. Try a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. Grab a friend and spend a night enjoying something new.

Cooking at home:

Add variety to your staple dishes by varying the ways you cook them. Grill or broil the chicken you typically bake. Mash the potatoes you typically roast. Grill or steam the vegetables you typically sauté. And get to know your spice cabinet. There are hundreds if not thousands of herbs and spices at your local grocery store and farmer’s market. So pick up your spatula, grab the nearest cookbook and get started!

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