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The typical stay at a traditional hospital is five days. At Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals, the length of stay may be measured in weeks, not days. Why? Because we know that not all patients can recover in five days or less. Some have underlying conditions that make illnesses or other conditions harder to treat. Others are still too ill to return home.

At Kindred Hospitals, we offer a range of services to help patients who need additional time to recover, and the length of the stay depends on the needs of the patient. This includes the specialized services of our Subacute Units, where we work with patients who have an acute illness or injury or worsening of a disease but no longer need the aggressive level of care provided in a hospital. We offer short-term comprehensive inpatient medical care and rehabilitation that is designed to get the patient home or to a facility such as a skilled nursing center.

In a Kindred Subacute Unit, every patient has a team of healthcare professionals with a personalized treatment plan and one goal: To restore health and help the patient achieve maximum independence. We provide care to patients who need between 45 minutes and 12 hours of therapy per week and those who need wound care, IV therapy management, tube feeding and other specialized care. Depending on the patient’s condition, a patient’s team may include rehab therapists, dietitians and respiratory therapists, in addition to physicians, nurses, case management and social workers.

If your hosts asked you about your plans to leave as soon as you arrived at their house, you might be offended. But if you’re a patient in a Kindred Subacute Unit, we’re going to bring it up early and often. The medical term is discharge planning, and it begins on admission. Your care will focus on what you need to get better now and how to care for yourself after you leave. We will teach you and your family members to successfully manage a daily routine after discharge.

Our subacute services include:
• a comprehensive rehabilitation program
• pulmonary and respiratory care
• advanced wound care
• IV antibiotic therapy
• pain management
• cardiac care
• dialysis
• post-surgical care

By Kindred Healthcare