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The Role of Kindred Hospitals in Care Transitions

By Kindred Healthcare
Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals Role in Care TransitionsAt Kindred we understand that when people are discharged from a traditional hospital, they often need continued care in order to recover completely. That’s where our Transitional Care Hospitals come in.

Many medically-complex patients benefit from extended recovery time. Our patients receive that much needed care through treatment delivered according to their individual needs. Our physicians see patients daily to assure the best outcomes possible. Our goal is to help each patient reach the highest level of recovery before being discharged.


Kindred Hospitals are for:

Wean/Vent Patient Population
Kindred Hospitals care for patients who require longer periods of time to wean from ventilators. Our ventilator patients have been unable to wean at the short-term acute hospital prior to their arrival at Kindred. Our team of clinical experts utilizes protocols with patients who initially failed at weaning. By attending to the many medical complications these patients have, we are able to achieve weaning success.

Wound Care Patient Population
Kindred Hospitals utilize specific treatment plans for patients with complex wounds. Our interdisciplinary team focuses not only on improving existing wounds (as evidenced by our wound improvement rate) but works aggressively to prevent further skin integrity issues.

Infection/Antibiotic Therapy Patient Population
A number of our patients are admitted with infections that developed at their previous care setting. Our team of physicians and clinical experts not only treat existing infections, they employ measures to decrease the risk of new infections.

Medically Complex Patient Population
Kindred’s technology and trained clinicians are able to rapidly respond to any changes in patients’ medical condition that may require a higher level of care and monitoring.

Kindred Hospitals offer:  

A Transitional Care Environment
We offer patients a longer length of stay, allowing the time and clinical attention needed for healing and recovery. We ask for patients’ active engagement in the transition planning process with our in-house case management team, who will be there to assist you in planning throughout the hospitalization.

Our patients are seen by a physician every day. Physicians on staff represent a number of clinical specialties. If a patient’s physician is on staff with us, he or she is able to continue directing the treatment plan. In the event that a patient’s physician is not on Kindred staff, we can consult with him or her to identify a physician preference. If none is specified, we can assign a physician who will provide treatment plan direction.

Interdisciplinary Team and Patient/Family Conferences
Our interdisciplinary team, of which patients are a key part, meets at least weekly to discuss patient progress and further treatment plans.

Location, Environment and Amenities
Kindred Hospitals are conveniently located and offer a variety of amenities that make a patient and family’s stay with us as comfortable as possible. Most of our hospitals offer free, accessible parking, cafeteria services and flexible visiting hours (based upon patient condition).

Patient/Family Involvement in Setting and Achieving Goals
Our clinical goal is to increase the patient’s quality of life by focusing on medical needs and rehabilitation potential.

By Kindred Healthcare