Ten Tips For Healthy Aging

By Kindred Healthcare
Healthy Aging MonthSeptember is Healthy Aging Month, a time to focus on the positive aspects of aging. It’s also a time to focus on making choices that can improve physical, mental and social health as well. It’s not too late to try something new or take control of your health no matter your age. Here are 10 tips to do just that:
  1. Get moving. Regular exercise helps to maintain not only a healthy body but a healthy mind as well. Walking is great for your heart and lungs and its free.
  2. Make healthy eating choices. A low-sodium, low-fat diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber can reduce age-related risks of heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases.
  3. Be social. Make time to visit with friends and make new ones through volunteering or taking classes.
  4. Get quality sleep. Make sure you are getting enough sleep each night. If you have problems with sleep apnea or feel tired and sluggish throughout the day, see your physician.
  5. See your doctor. Even if you are well, it’s good to get regular exams. Make a list of questions and concerns prior to your visit. Also note and discuss any changes in symptoms, mood and medications including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements.
  6. Find balance. Try yoga or tai chi to improve your balance and agility.
  7. Prevent falls. The risk of falling increases as we age. In addition to exercise and working on your balance, make your home safer to minimize fall risk.
  8. Take care of yourself. Aging is often accompanied by stressful life changes. Children grow up and leave the home, spouses may become ill or pass away, loved ones may need help or you may need assistance due to physical limitations. Take time for yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  9. Plan for the future today. Get your finances, will and advance directives in order before you experience an emergency or life-changing event. Talk to your family or closest loved ones and make your wishes clear.
  10. Challenge yourself. Protect and improve your mental sharpness by playing games of strategy, do puzzles or learn a new language.

Read more tips from WebMD and the National Institute On Aging.