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The Bridge From Short-Term Hospitalization

By Kindred Healthcare
The Bridge From Short-Term HospitalizationThe most common hospital setting in America is one that provides short-term acute care for patients with pressing health issues – emergencies brought on by an acute illness or an accident. The immediate objective is to stabilize patients and help them recover as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, not all patients can recover quickly. They need a transitional care hospital.

Each Kindred Hospital is part of a nationwide network of Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals. We provide specialized care for medically complex patients whose conditions require special medical treatment as well as more time to fully recover. We serve as a bridge between short-term hospital care and care at a nursing center or at home.

Our Patients
Many of our patients are dependent upon a ventilator or other technology for regular breathing. We also care for patients who have medically complex conditions, such as pulmonary dialysis, pressure wounds, infectious diseases or complications following surgery.

Comprehensive, Personalized Services
We offer a full range of care for our patients, which may include but is not limited to:


  • critical care services
  • pulmonary services
  • complex wound care services
  • rehabilitation services

Team Treatment
In a transitional care hospital, care is provided by an interdisciplinary team. The team’s goal is to identify the patient’s medical conditions, formulate a treatment plan, set reasonable goals and coordinate care to result in the most optimal health possible prior to transition to a less intense level of care or home. Kindred Hospitals are fully accredited and care is supervised by daily physician visits. Most patients have multiple medical specialists involved in their care plan.

In some cases, the patient’s personal physician will continue to see the patient if he/she is moved to a transitional care hospital; in other cases, the patient’s care will be transferred to a physician who specializes in caring for patients who require extended acute care. Nursing staff levels are comparable to those at a short-term acute care hospital, as are staffing levels for therapists and other clinicians.

By Kindred Healthcare