Kindred Contact Center Nurse Advocates Share Their Most Rewarding MomentsThe Kindred Contact Center serves as a resource for patients and caregivers who have questions about post-acute care, Medicare, insurance, or anything else related to the care of a loved one with needs beyond the traditional hospital. Piloted in Cleveland, it has already received calls from across the country from patients and their caregivers, and was launched nationwide on September 1.

Staffed by six registered nurse advocates, the Contact Center can be reached by calling 1.866.KINDRED (1.866.546.3733) or by visiting

Kindred’s nurse advocates shared the most rewarding parts of their jobs helping patients and caregivers through the Contact Center.

“I…find great satisfaction in our callers who reach out to us at their wits’ end and I am able to help them. When you pick up the phone, you never know who will be on the other end and what their situation will be. I have heard some of the most heartbreaking stories and knowing that I made even the smallest difference in that person’s day is truly an amazing feeling.”

“We help ease the stress on family members who are trying to get the best care for their loved ones. We are a resource for those with insurance questions. We can explain what comes next in the care continuum for individuals and even help to get them there.”

“There’s something indescribably wonderful about making that connection and knowing you made a difference; it’s the core of being a nurse. The knowledge and experience this team brings has no comparison; they create the heart and soul of this center.”
“Having the opportunity to help people in a variety of situations. It is an extremely positive work environment.”

“Being able to make a huge difference in people’s lives by helping them with life-changing decisions.”