National Eating Healthy Day

By Kindred Healthcare

National Eating Healthy Day

National Eating Healthy Day takes place on the first Wednesday in November each year. The theme for this year is “Produce Results” with a focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. According to the American Heart Association, Americans typically consume half their recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The AHA recommends eight or more servings – or about 4.5 cups – of fruits and vegetables daily.

Why is a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables so important? A balanced diet can help control conditions like high blood pressureand high cholesterol.

“Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber, and low in saturated fat and calories,” said Rachel Johnson, PhD, MPH, RD, professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont and immediate past-chair of the American Heart Association’s Nutrition Committee. “Most fruits and vegetables also have no or little sodium, and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables may help you control your weight and your blood pressure.”1

As with any condition, prevention and treatment can greatly reduce the effects certain diseases have on your daily life. By take small steps today, like eating more fruits and vegetables, you can develop healthy habits and live a more productive life.

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