Diaz Honored with Caring Award

By Kindred Healthcare
Diaz Honored with Caring AwardPaul Diaz, Chief Executive Officer of Kindred Healthcare, was named recipient of the first Kindred Caring Award, an honor that will be known as the Paul Diaz Caring Award going forward. The announcement was made at the 2014 Kindred Clinical Impact Symposium, being held this week in Louisville.

Diaz was honored for the investment he has made over the past 12 years in the entire company – patients and employees alike.

Diaz’s unique range of experiences, as a lawyer, a CPA and a caregiver in several settings, gives him a distinctive perspective on how to best deliver care. He has been consistently supportive of employees in their professional growth and approaches the delivery of patient care with genuine compassion and devotion to doing the right thing.

He also has the ability to look outward – to form relationships and partnerships with outside organizations doing important work for the benefit of patients.
For all of these reasons, Diaz was honored with the Caring Award, and future recipients will be chosen for their exemplification of the same compassionate and dedicated characteristics Diaz showed over the years.

In March 2015, Diaz will step down as CEO and into a role as Executive Chairman of the Board of Kindred Healthcare. Benjamin Breier, currently Kindred’s President and Chief Operating Officer, will step into the role of CEO.