Break-out Session Addresses Care Assessments

By Kindred Healthcare
CIS Pam Duncan Nov 12 3:00 aIn a break-out session at the 2014 Kindred Clinical Impact Symposium, Pam Duncan, PhD, PT, FAPTA, FAHA, Wake Forest Baptist Health, spoke to a small group attendees about the evolution she feels is necessary in the development and use of care assessment tools.


“There are too many assessments,” she said. “But they are not informing the point of care.”

The challenge, she said, is to make the assessment tools clinically meaningful. Her team at Wake Forest is developing a new tool that will utilize iPad technology, be interactive, and incorporates a patient’s perception of health status, advance directives, preferences for care management, preferences for end-of-life care and a patient’s stated purpose for staying healthy.

Re-vamping tools and assessments to make them more useful will have the added benefit of enabling clinicians to spend more time with the patient instead of spending as much time documenting.