Swedish Health logoKindred Hospital Seattle – First Hill has begun using Swedish’s TeleICU system to provide an additional layer of care and clinical monitoring for its patients.

Using two-way cameras and audio feeds, TeleICU allows remote care teams to conduct rounds, provide services and support ICU nurses. Special early-warning software collects information about blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, medication orders and X-rays to give the TeleICU teams vital information to monitor each patient's status closely, along with onsite caregivers. With the flip of a switch, the TeleICU team can communicate directly with the patient’s nurse and provide needed support. The TeleICU team typically includes an intensivist, registered nurses and support staff who monitor patients in multiple hospitals.

“The goal is early intervention for better ICU outcomes,” said Lauren Suarez, Chief Executive Officer of Kindred Hospital Seattle – First Hill. “We care for a critically-ill patient population. Partnering with Swedish gives us access to new, innovative resources to care for our patients and helps them progress to the next level of care.”

Swedish has been using TeleICU since 2004 and is the only health system to offer it in the Pacific Northwest. TeleICU will not replace Kindred staff; it will offer an additional layer of safety and care for its six-bed ICU unit at Kindred Hospital Seattle – First Hill.

“Swedish has had great success with its TeleHealth program, increasing access to specialized care across Western Washington. We are excited to work with Kindred Healthcare to further support its Continue the Care strategy focused on delivering patient-centered, coordinated care across the full continuum – from the hospital to the home,” said June Altaras, Chief Executive of Swedish Seattle.

Swedish physicians currently serve as medical directors for the ICU at Kindred Hospital Seattle – First Hill. Swedish transfers some patients to Kindred for ongoing complex medical care. Kindred and Swedish have a quarterly quality committee meeting to review the care of patients who are transferred and ensure practice standards are implemented.