healthcare headlines 6-4-15

CMS To Issue New ACO Regulations Soon

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services “is expected to issue final regulations soon that could significantly affect whether hospitals and doctors remain willing to participate in Medicare’s accountable care program.” Read more

New Data Shows ACA’s Impact On Coverage, Premium Prices

New data “is providing an early glimpse” of how the Affordable Care Act “is reshaping the healthcare marketplace, with millions of people added to the insurance rolls and a slew of new regulatory requirements now in effect.” Read more

AARP Survey: Prices For One In Four Generic Drugs Increased In 2013

“Prices for more than one in four generic medicines widely used by older Americans increased in 2013, some very sharply, according to a survey by AARP.” Read more

Medicaid Managed-Care Rule Proposes “Sweeping” Changes For Insurers, States

The 653-page rule “would create profit guidelines for private Medicaid plans as well as new standards for the plans’ doctor and hospital networks and rules to coordinate Medicaid insurance more closely with other coverage.”Read more

Study Finds Tablets May Bring Elderly Into Internet Age

A study found that “elders who used tablets felt more confident with technology overall, according to a study conducted by Shelia Cotten Ph.D., professor of media and information at Michigan State.” Participants without prior computer experience were able to quickly learn how to use the tablet. Read more

Small Study Ties Alzheimer’s-Linked Amyloid Proteins To Poor Sleep

A study published in the June issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience “suggests that a good night’s sleep may play an important role in helping protect the brain against memory decline associated with Alzheimer’s.” Read more

Study Examines Sepsis Risk Among Patients Discharged From Hospitals

Older adults are three times more likely to develop sepsis in the first 90 days after leaving a hospital than any other time.Read more

Healthcare Industry Spending Billions To Protect Against Cyber-attacks

A wave of health data breaches has forced the healthcare industry to confront “an unpleasant reality: After spending billions to install computerized documents in hospitals and networks, it now must spend billions more to make them secure.” Read more

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