Mayor Greg Fischer recently announced that the Louisville Innovation Summit will be held October 14 and 15, 2015. The two day collaborative event is presented by six of the nation's leading healthcare organizations, all of which happen to be stationed in Louisville. These organizations include Delta Dental, Humana, Kindred, ResCare, Signature and Trilogy.

During the event, healthcare innovators and leaders from around the country will partner together to provide insights and expertise as well as explore new avenues of creativity in aging care. Through a variety of keynote speakers including Aneesh Chopra, President of NavHealth, as well as featured speakers including David Eilers, Director of Life Reimagined Institute - AARP, the summit is shaping up to be a strong representation of the future of aging healthcare.  

Many other distinguished keynote, featured and panelist guests will take part in prominent discussions and innovative spotlights from tech start-ups and competitions. 

"We are a city of innovation," Fischer said in a news release. "This summit represents who we are and where we are headed in so many ways. Now is the time and Louisville is the place for the next wave of cutting edge solutions for long-term wellness."

Louisville, the 'Possibility City,' is a world-wide leader in aging care and wellness. In fact, it is home to the largest collection of aging care companies in the United States with over $48 billion in revenue. The innovation summit will solidify Louisville as the national leader in aging health and lifestyle and acclimate its participants to the outstanding business climate of the city. 

"As Louisville solidifies its status as a global leader in lifelong wellness and aging care, we are excited to convene experts and innovators to reinforce and grow this sector," said Chief of Louisville Forward, Mary Ellen Wiederwohl in the release. "We are energized for the opportunity to host the Louisville Innovation Summit."

With over 500 innovators, leaders and service providers expected to attend, a dynamic representation of the aging care system in the United States will be present and ready to push beyond the status quo.

"Our goal with the innovation summit and similar gatherings is to build upon our many performance improvement and innovation efforts to create a world-leading and sustainable practice of innovation…" said Chief of Civic Innovation Ted Smith in the release.

For more information on the Louisville Innovation Summit, visit their website, and follow Kindred's blog, Facebook and Twitter to receive updates.