Divisional leadership addressed the participants at Kindred's seventh annual Clinical Impact Symposium to kick off the first official day, and one theme was common - each leader challenged the group to take what they will learn over the next three days back to their facilities or locations, and make an impact.

The theme of this year's symposium is The Impact of Fall Prevention and Medication Management Across the Continuum.

mike newMike Beal, President of the Nursing Center Division, started things off by asking participants to appreciate the commitment to quality that Kindred is making through the Clinical Impact Symposium each year. Bringing so many people together, securing the speakers' time, all of the effort that goes into producing the event, he said, is a clear indication of Kindred's dedication to maintaining and improving the quality of care delivered to patients in each and every setting of care. Beal pointed out that the Nursing Center Division has earned the distinction of being number one in the country for quality, and he thanked the clinicians responsible for that designation.

david newDavid Causby, President of Kindred at Home,  was up next. Causby shared his personal journey of watching his father die from cancer when Causby himself was only 16 years old, without the support of any home care or hospice resources. That experience led Causby to pursue a degree in nursing, with the intention of making sure no other family went through what his family did with a dying loved one. Though he never practiced, Causby said the experience of nursing school helps him to understand what Kindred at Home's nurses are going through each day with their patients.

Home care and hospice, Causby said, is the most compassionate business there is. Keeping patients in their homes is also the most cost-effective care setting.

"I want to empower each of you to be leaders in your own facilities or locations," he said to the group.

steve newSteve Monaghan, President of the Hospital Division, remarked that the division has been through a lot of changes over the years, but one thing remains constant. That constant is Kindred's commitment to quality.

Monaghan said, "There's not another company in the world that has what we have in terms of moving our patients through the continuum of care ."

He encouraged the group to go back home with excitement, looking for opportunities to do what we do best - heal our patients and move them forward on the road to recovery.

jon newJon Rousseau, President of Kindred Rehabilitation Services,  rounded out the group by reflecting on the six Clinical Impact Symposiums past, and the quality of speakers who have addressed the group over those years.

He marveled at the impact that clinicians can make and the importance of giving clinicians more tools to make a greater impact every day.

"I am not a clinician," Rousseau said, "but I see firsthand the difference that clinicians make each day."

Rousseau also broached an important topic - what happens when patients don't get the highest quality care.

"Good clinical care makes such a difference," he said. "I would encourage you to be a leader on a daily basis."

Setting the bar high is critical, Rousseau said. "Show up every day and bring your A game."