Kindred Leadership Vision - Care Traffic Control

By Maggie Cunningham


What do you see within Kindred? This is the question that Ben Breier, President and Chief Executive Officer, asked of the Clinical Impact Symposium audience. Breier sees a leadership team that every single day manages the balance of patients, clinicians and business to move Kindred and all of the lives it touches forward.

"Today," Breier said, "we want to empower you as leaders within your facilities, to make a difference and hold others accountable."

bb1caretrafficIt is apparent today that every member of our leadership, both senior and divisional, has a personal story that ties them to Kindred and the continuum of care that we are able to provide. Each of the leadership team has a step-mother, a father, an aunt, a wife or a close friend who has gone through some part of the healthcare continuum.

"You almost can't find anyone out there today who isn't dealing with a parent, friend or family member going through a medical hardship," said Kent Wallace, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Kindred. 

It is that personal connectivity that makes Kindred different, more than anything else. What makes you stressed in your career, as described by Wallace, isn't having too much to do, but not understanding your purpose. But when you are passionate about what you do on a daily basis, you feel great about what you do, which can alleviate a lot of the job-related stress that you experience. It is the personal experiences and connections that really make our leadership passionate about what they do. They respect, appreciate and admire the clinicians on the front-line who carry that work to fruition.

Kindred has one other quality that stands out among other healthcare providers. That quality is the continuum, and that continuum is being driven by the Contact Center. Still growing every day, the Contact Center is going to make a dynamic impact on not just Kindred, but on America. Kent Wallace described it as 'Care Traffic Control.'

kw1caretrafficThe Contact Center becomes a place Americans can call when they need answers. We can help place them into the continuum at any point, whether that is rehabilitation services, nursing care, a hospital or hospice care or to give advice on who can help if Kindred isn't the place for them.

Wallace and Breier shared that while we are meeting our index scores, they continue to challenge the field in raising them even higher. For instance, call lights are currently above index, but Wallace wants to see that score raised to 90 percent. This is to continue to deliver world class results.

"We have rehab DNA flowing through Kindred's blood," said Wallace. "And our nursing centers, these are where my generation is going to want to go. Kindred is the only one in the country with these types of assets."

Both leaders left by thanking the clinicians for the care that their respective family members received while in Kindred's care. They left us with this statement, "Every interaction is what gives us a feeling of Kindred connectivity. This isn't patient care, its people care.