Cognitive Care Update - CIS 2013

By Maggie Cunningham

Two years ago, after the close of the 2013 Clinical Impact Symposium, the clinicians from Kindred's Dallas/Fort Worth Integrated Care Market returned home with the intent to delve further into deep training on cognitive care. They pulled together clinicians from all over their market and decided where to start - developing a training program that was workable within the hospital environment.

CogCareCIS1The team, headed by Jane Dailey, Vice President of Clinical Operations for the hospital division in the east and southeast regions, piloted the program and studied the results. Initially, the plan was to integrate the program into the hospital division's new cognitive care training program before it was spread out into the other fields.


However, "as 2015 dawned, we found ourselves with a great new asset in Gentiva," said Dailey. "Our commitment is to integrate the memory care program and standardize hospital assessments."

Then, the program will work with Nursing Center, Rehabilitation Services and Kindred at Home divisions until it is a fully integrated program.

"Then we will have a program that the other areas can pick up and use instead of starting from the beginning," said Dailey. 

Dailey pressed that it is important to not just take in information learned at the symposium, but to act with it upon return home as they did two years ago.

"This is not a clinical information symposium," said Dailey, "so the intent is that what we learn, and what we hear will cause us to go back and impact the clinical care that we provide in a positive way. We are distinguished by the energy and effort that we provide."