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Case Study: Kindred Hospital Sahara

By Maggie Cunningham

At the 2015 Clinical Impact Symposium, many case studies were examined through poster presentations. Lisa Orsino is a registered nurse at Kindred Hospital Sahara in Las Vegas. Her case study on a traumatic brain injury patient stood out to us because of the joined efforts of so many different levels of care.

John, a 33 year-old gentleman, was injured in a motor vehicle accident that left him with severe brain injuries and multiple fractures and wounds. Upon arrival at Kindred, John was not responsive and was both physically and chemically restrained. However, within only a month, his care was progressing so well that he was able to be de-cannulated.

posterprescis1A cohesive care plan was set into motion for John. He worked with nursing and pharmacology so that he would not have to be restrained and could decrease the amount of medications he had to take. John was also placed in a net bed, which allowed him to be less restrained, and ultimately enabled his mind to come alive.

A combination of speech, occupational and physical therapies brought him back to walking, and case management played an important role in his transition into the community enrichment program where he now lives. There, alongside five other gentlemen who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, John is able to make his own lunch and do his own laundry. He spends most of the day doing different types of therapies.

"It truly took a village," says Orsino, "but we did it."

Upon the completion of John's therapy, his employer has a job in information technology waiting for him in addition to an apartment. He is and continues to be a true success for Orsino and the Kindred Hospital Sahara team. 


By Maggie Cunningham