Home for the Holidays: Jeanine Hess

By Kindred Healthcare
jhesshfthJeanine Hess is an 86 year old woman who was referred by her Primary Care Physician to Gentiva Home Health due to generalized decline in lower extremity strength and functional mobility. She was evaluated by physical therapy and was placed in our 'Safe Strides' balance program.


She was also evaluated by occupational therapy. During the evaluation, Jeanine disclosed that she missed her dog terribly.  Her family had taken the dog out of her apartment as they felt that Jeanine was at a risk of falling.  Each morning Jeanine would take her dog outside to do it's 'business' and was often rushing to accomplish this task.  

She lived on the second floor and would have to descend a full flight of stairs to the first floor to let the dog outside.  Jeanine's family stated that once her balance improved, they would return the dog back to her and her apartment.  

Through physical and occupational therapy interventions including functional mobility tasks, standing balance tasks, vestibular work, hard work and patient perseverance, the dog was returned to Jeanine's apartment. As the picture depicts, they both are very happy to be back together.