Determination and Hope: Josephine's Story

By Jennifer Brink

Josephine is originally from the East Coast. She and her husband moved to California where they raised their son, who gave them two grandchildren to share their love. Josephine was a very successful registered nurse and became the director over a large nursing agency covering Los Angeles and Orange County. 

josephine1Prior to being admitted to Kindred Hospital Brea, Josephine lived in an assisted living facility with her husband.  Sadly, her husband passed but Josephine still lovingly refers to him as being her “biggest supporter”.

 In 2001, already struggling with some major medical conditions, Josephine had her first heart attack. She remembers it was during 9/11. She experienced more than four admissions in one year, due to her severe asthma, but continued to remain determined to improve. She was unable to work and continued to have worsening medical problems which eventually brought her to Kindred, Brea.

Josephine has now been a resident of Kindred Brea for more than 475 days. Despite amazing setbacks and complicated respiratory and other critical illnesses, she weaned off her ventilator and her goal remains being 100% respiratory support free. 

To most, Josephine’s journey back toward wellness seemed impossible. Some of her setbacks included being unresponsive for an extensive time, being on life support, and being resuscitated at least four times. These are only a few of the events which Josephine managed to conquer along her medical journey.

If staff ever questioned why they work in an LTAC, all they had to do was go visit Josephine and their belief and determination in helping those who had suffered such extreme medical hardships was quickly realized. They come to work every day because wonderful people like Josephine count on them and need them to make the kind of progress she has made.  

Josephine has been unable to walk for more than two years.  While working with physical therapy at Kindred Hospital Brea, we all celebrated her huge accomplishment of taking 139 steps! Josephine is beyond pleased with her care here and she had this to say:

“The team here at Kindred Brea has been excellent in my providing care. Their experience, compassion and support for me have truly made me feel like family. I could not have made it as far as I have without their love and support. The Kindred staff has been everything to me! They are my greatest cheerleading team! Everyone always lets me know how much they care.”

She raved about dropping 130 pounds and added that it would be exciting to buy a bikini. “I haven’t been so small in years and I feel great about it!” She hopes to inspire others with creating hope and determination through her own journey.   Josephine is an inspiration to the Kindred team, as we work together to provide Hope, Healing, and Recovery to all we care for!