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Heart Attack Recovery: Matt's Story

By Maggie Cunningham

mattmaloney1Matt Maloney was shoveling snow when he started experiencing chest pains. With a family history of coronary artery disease, his primary care physician sent him in for a stress test. Matt was diagnosed with sudden Myocardial Infarction and was rushed into surgery for emergency coronary bypass grafting. During that procedure, he developed pulmonary edema, an excess of fluid in the lungs.

Matt had developed acute respiratory distress syndrome, and now required prolonged mechanical ventilation and a tracheostomy. When he left the ICU, he was transferred to Kindred Hospital Heritage Valley where he could be successfully weaned from the ventilator while also monitoring his kidney dialysis.   

Upon arrival, he was sedated and breathing by a ventilator. Once he was weaned from sedation, he was able to begin rehabilitation. His respiratory and physical therapists recall his 'firsts'. When they first added the voice box to his trach, and when he took his first steps brought a light at the end of the tunnel to Matt.

Daily visitors from friends and family reminded Matt what he was working towards and soon he was able to return home to be with his wife and infant.

By Maggie Cunningham