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Healthcare Headlines Week of January 04, 2016

By Kindred Healthcare

Location, Location, Location May Impact Hospital Readmission Rates

The socio-economic status of patients in a given community may explain some of the variation in hospital 30-day readmission rates. Read More    

At the Hospital, Better Responses to Those Beeping Alarms

In hospitals, alarms on patient-monitoring devices create a cacophony of noise day and night-beeping, pinging and ringing so often that doctors and nurses ignore them, turn them off or just stop hearing them. Read More   

White House: Target Staffing, Tech for Home Care's Future

The White House is pushing for more public and private sector collaboration in technology and home health staffing solutions to address the coming "age wave" in order to help more older adults remain in their home longer during retirement. Read More   

Healthcare Merger and Acquisition Activity Likely To Stay Strong In 2016

Healthcare merger and acquisition activity is likely to remain strong in 2016, driven by the growth of value-based payment models. Read More   

What Does Virtual Reality Do to Your Body and Mind?

Software worker Erin Bell inched across a wooden plank suspended over a deep, rusted pit. When a Stanford University researcher asked her to step off, she wouldn't do it. Read More   

What's Ahead for the Health Care Sector in 2016?

Bloomberg offers a series of charts to aid in understanding the market forces at work in the health industry in the year ahead. Read More   

New Dietary Guidelines Urge Americans to Eat Less Sugar

Federal officials issued new dietary guidelines Thursday urging Americans to cut back on sugar and eat less saturated fat and sodium.  Read More  


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By Kindred Healthcare