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Healthcare Headlines Week of January 11, 2016

By Kindred Healthcare

Healthcare Expected to Drive Big M&A Activity Again in 2016

Healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are expected to produce the most merger and acquisitions activity this year behind only the technology sector, according to a new survey by accounting and consulting giant KPMG. Read More

Twenty Years in, the Hospitalist Landscape is Shifting-and Prompting New Debates

The drive for efficiency in health care has led to a boom in hospitalists-and growing pains for the profession as hospitals seek to increase efficiency and demonstrate high quality outcomes, reports the New York Times. Read More   

Hospitals Step Up to Help Seniors Avoid Falls

Falls are the leading cause of injuries for adults 65 and older, and 2.5 million of them end up in hospital emergency departments for treatment every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Read More   

Kentucky Governor Notifies Feds That He Plans to Dismantle State's Health Exchange

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin campaigned on the promise that he would shut down kynect, which more than 100,000 people use. Kentucky is one of the 14 states that run their own state health insurance exchanges, but the governor has said it's "redundant" to the federal exchange. Read More   

Medicare Expands Coordinated Care for 8.9 Million Beneficiaries

Medicare is expanding a major experiment that strives to keep seniors healthier by coordinating basic medical care to prevent common problems that often lead to hospitalization, the agency said on Monday.  

New Medicare ACOs Include First 'Next Generation' Cohort

The Obama administration has rolled out the newest participants in Medicare's accountable care programs, which now include 477 organizations across four different models. Read More   

Providers Slam CMS Proposal Meant to Curb Rx Abuse

Providers are urging the CMS to drop a proposal aimed at combating prescription drug abuse. They say mandating a review of state-run drug prescription databases could lead to inaccurate information and would be an administrative burden for them. Read More   

Healthcare Adds 474,700 Jobs in 2015

The healthcare industry added almost a half million people to its payrolls in 2015, by far the highest annual total since President Barack Obama entered office and passed his landmark healthcare reform law. Read More   

From Strangers, A Gift to Patients Of Companionship at the End

Frances Iacobucci was exhausted and worried. Her husband of 64 years lay semi-conscious in a hospital bed. Knowing he may not have long, she tossed and turned in a bedside chair until sunrise, not wanting to leave him. But now her children were insisting she go home and sleep. Read More   

Healthcare Devices Get Top Billing at Consumer Electronics Show

Wearable gadgets for tracking health data are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to measure a host of physiologic functions. Read More


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