It’s Easy to Secure I.T.! - Mobile Devices

By Kindred Healthcare


The use of mobile devices has helped Kindred to become more efficient, productive and effective in how we do business - from the board room to the exam room. The convenience of having data on hand whenever and wherever we need it has to be balanced with the risks of device or data loss, theft or exposure. Remember to follow these simple security safeguards whenever you use mobile devices:


  • Never leave your device unattended in public, including publicly accessible locations inside our facilities.
  • Lock your device when not in use (or set it to automatically lock after a short period of inactivity) and use a strong password or PIN. Full device encryption should be enabled.
  • Do not send Kindred confidential or patient health information to personal e-mail or access from unregistered personal devices. If you need to use a personal device for work, it must be registered in Kindred's mobile device management system. Contact for more information.
  • Do not access personal e-mail from Kindred-issued devices; this puts Kindred at risk for malware and other threats.
  • Report lost or stolen devices to the Compliance Hotline immediately: 800-359-7412

You are the first line of defense in the protection of Kindred's information resources! Protect our patients, the company and yourself - be device smart! Questions?   E-mail us at .