Nana and Arthur - The Patient Caregiver Connection

By Maggie Cunningham

Nana Adabie was a relatively new nurse when Arthur was admitted to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation -- Lawton in San Francisco. Arthur was under her care while he recovered from a below-the-knee amputation as well as from an infection he had incurred. As it would turn out, while Nana was helping Arthur recover and gain strength to go home, Arthur was helping Nana grow as a nurse, and gain confidence.

nana1"I had been working here for a few months as a brand new nurse... but Arthur still managed to make me feel like a very great nurse," Nana recollected. "He was so positive in everything that he did. So positive, that I felt like his energy flowed throughout the whole facility."

Nana was able to spend a lot of time with Arthur throughout his stay at KTCR-Lawton and looked forward to their time together.

"He is such an intelligent man. We could talk about so many things," said Nana. "Different countries, different cultures. He was a teacher, and I learned so much from him."

Not only did Arthur influence Nana as a teacher -- he was an influence on almost everyone else around him because of his infectiously positive attitude. It would be understandable if he felt depressed or unsure about what is to come next. Like Nana, he often found himself in new territory. But his outlook remained upbeat and that rubbed off on her.

"It goes with every career, when you start fresh, you're scared, you're nervous, sometimes you even doubt yourself. But when he brings up my name and says 'Nana was one of my favorite nurses, the best nurse that took care of me,' it says something about me that I'm doing things right, and I want to continue to do that for everybody."

nana3Eventually Arthur recovered and it came time for him to leave KTCR-Lawton.

"I was very happy when I heard Arthur was going home," said Nana. "Well, happy and sad. Happy because I knew he was finally going to be in his own bed at home, but sad because I wouldn't be able to see Arthur every single day."

Arthur continued his care with Gentiva, an affiliate of Kindred at Home. Knowing he is still in the hands of Kindred nurses is comforting to Nana because they understand his history and have built up a trust and a mutual respect.

"With [Kindred at Home] being there with him, not only does that continue the relationship with Kindred, it also promotes the great healthcare that he is getting from us.

"They say nurses are great blessings to patients but I think Arthur was a blessing to me. He made me feel very proud to be a nurse. I felt lucky to have him as a patient. [One day] I am going to be 70 and a grandma, and if my grandchildren ask me to tell them one of my favorite stories of a patient, Arthur will be one of those people that comes up."