It’s Easy to Secure I.T.! - Document Transport & Delivery

By Kindred Healthcare

Not all data breaches are the result of malicious activity. Sometimes well-intentioned employees cause breaches by forgetting to pick up a printout, including the wrong person in an e-mail or by not disposing of a sensitive document properly. Follow the tips below to make sure you don't cause a data breach when delivering sensitive documents - via e-mail, FAX, or regular mail.



  • Always check recipients before you send an e-mail-there are a lot of employees at Kindred, make sure you have the correct names.
  • Don't "reply all" to distribution lists when e-mailing sensitive data.
  • Double-check FAX numbers and program frequently used numbers to avoid accidentally entering a wrong number.
  • Verify you are sending paper documents to the correct facility and to the attention of the correct person. 

Remember, data doesn't have to be disclosed outside of Kindred for a breach to occur. If you believe data has been delivered to the wrong recipient, even if inside the company, contact Compliance immediately at 800-359-7412.  Questions?   E-mail us at