It’s Easy to Secure I.T.! - Social Media

By Kindred Healthcare


Have you posted, tweeted, pinned, liked, shared or checked-in today? If so, you're one of over a billion people worldwide who regularly connect to social media. With the benefits and conveniences of social media also come risks. Follow these best practices to protect yourself:

  • sssm02Restrict access to view your posts to direct contacts or friends; don't "friend" or "connect" with strangers!
  • You can't "un-share" information. If you wouldn't put it on a billboard, don't post it!
  • Be wary of clickable things like shortened URL's and videos - many are infected or lead to infected sites… Don't worry though - we keep Kindred's shortened links safe!
  • Don't post your address or your vacation plans, or even your vacation photos until you've returned home. Social media is the #1 tool criminals use to select targets.

The most important thing you can do to protect Kindred, our customers and yourself is to limit the amount and type of data you share online. Remember, do not post patient information or photos to social media - this is a breach of privacy and a HIPAA violation. Questions?  E-mail us at