It’s Easy to Secure I.T.! - Workstation Security

By Kindred Healthcare


It's easy to feel a sense of security about your workspace, but even in locations with strong physical security it's important to secure sensitive data when you're away, sometimes called a "clean desk policy." Why? You never know when there may be visitors in the building, including vendors or even employees from other parts of the business who are not authorized to view sensitive information you have access to. Keep your workspace secure by following these best practices: 

  • ss042Always lock your computer when you step away, even for a minute - press the Windows key + 'L'.
  • Use a privacy filter or turn your monitor away from public view or if you're located in a high traffic office area.
  • Secure laptops in locked drawers or a with a cable lock when you leave at the end of your shift - laptops and other mobile devices are an easy target for criminals!
  • Do not write passwords down or post them in your work space or cubicle.
  • Keep whiteboards clear of sensitive data and remember to erase them when leaving conference rooms.
  • Store printed sensitive data in locked drawers or other secured locations when not at your desk.


You are the first line of defense in the protection of Kindred's information resources! Protect our patients, the company and yourself - be data smart!   Questions?   E-mail us at .