It’s Easy to Secure I.T.! - Removable Media

By Kindred Healthcare


In our fast paced, digitally driven world, we are becoming accustomed to having business and personal information on hand whenever and wherever we need it. Though convenient and flexible, removable media such as flash drives, external hard drives, CDs/DVDs and smart phones can pose risks to Kindred networks and sensitive data.

ss0502Removable media, like links or attachments in a malicious e-mail, can pack a dangerous punch. USB drives and CDs/DVDs are easily infected with malware which can damage not only your local computer, but also the company network. Some malware is intended to steal data or create backdoors for criminals to access systems at a later date. Other malware is destructive, posing risks to the integrity and availability of critical data. Removable media is also easily lost or stolen, putting Kindred at risk if used to transport sensitive data.


Report lost or stolen removable media and other devices to Compliance immediately at 800-359-7412. To report found devices, call 800-587-1894. Do not  plug personal or found USB devices or other media into Kindred computers! 

Remember, you are the first line of defense in the protection of Kindred's information resources!  Protect our patients, the company and yourself - be device smart! Questions?  E-mail us at