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Healthcare Headlines - March 2016

By Kindred Healthcare

Number of Seniors Who Need Personal Care Help Increasing, CDC Says

A "significantly" increasing number of adults over age 65 need help with personal care, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More      

UCLA Freshmen Learn About Growing Old

April Pearce is in the middle of her freshman year at UCLA, settling into life away from home for the first time. Read More   

The Hospital of the Future Is Here...But It Needs More Gadgets & Bandwidth

The hospital of the future might not be a hospital at all, having little resemblance to today's sprawling brick and mortar facilities. Read More   

The Internet of Caring Things

Imagine a home where hidden sensors in the walls can predict a fall weeks before the event occurs, the front door can be unlocked from someone who is immobilized upstairs. Read More    

Using Data to Help Home Health Workers Manage Patients' Conditions

There is little in Ruby's life that is easy. Nearly blind and unable to walk more than a step or two, the 39-year-old struggles to raise three sons while dealing with a daunting array of health conditions, from diabetes that recently landed her in the hospital to pain from bulging spinal disks. Read More   

Health Systems Are Checking On Patients Digitally

After discharge from University Hospitals, a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease receives a call checking in: How many times have you used your rescue inhaler in the past 24 hours? Are you feeling better or worse than yesterday? Read More   

It's Not Just Doctors And Nurses, Patients Need to Wash Their Hands, Too

Encouraging doctors and nurses to wash their hands frequently has always been considered an easy and effective way to curb the spread of infection in hospitals and other health facilities. Read More   

Toolkit Helps Develop Patient Engagement Programs

The American Health Information Management Association has released a free toolkit to guide providers in the development of consumer engagement programs that are part of a larger shift toward value-based payment. Read More   

Partnership Issues Recommendations to Prevent, Better Manage Chronic Disease  

The nation cannot lower health care costs without addressing chronic disease, according to a white paper released today by the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease. Read More  


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By Kindred Healthcare