It's Easy to SECURE I.T.! - Security Event Reporting

By Kindred Healthcare


Do you know what to do if you receive a phishing e-mail or lose a mobile device? What types of events qualify as HIPAA violations? Reporting security and privacy events when they happen can significantly reduce their impact. Phishing e-mails can be blocked and mobile devices can be wiped. The exposure from misdirected faxes and other PHI disclosures can be limited if you act quickly. Do your part  to protect Kindred, your coworkers and our patients by being aware of threats and reporting them when you see them.

Here are some of the most common security and privacy events, how to report them and links to more information:


  •  HIPAA violations:  Report misdirected e-mails and faxes, PHI sent to personal e-mail accounts, patient data or photos posted to social media and all other violations to the Compliance Hotline. (800) 359-7412 . To learn more about HIPAA violations and reporting requirements review the Privacy & Security Policy on Knect:Global > Compliance > Privacy & Security  > Policies & Procedures  > scroll to PSP-42 , Responding to a Privacy or Security Incident . You are required to report all potential HIPAA violations regardless of whether you think the violation is severe.
  • Lost or stolen devices : Immediately report lost and stolen Kindred-issued and personal devices (including USB devices and other removable media) used to store or transmit confidential Kindred data to the Compliance Hotline (800) 359-7412 . To learn more about Kindred's Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program and for MobileIron registration instructions, visit the Mobility site on Knect: Knect Home > Kindred Links (box in center of Knect Home page) > Kindred BYOD . Lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped (erased) when they are registered with MobileIron.
  • Potentially malicious phishing e-mail and spam.  Forward suspicious mail and spam (unwanted or advertising e-mail) to . If you clicked on a link or an attachment in a suspicious e-mail and think your system may be infected, immediately report it to IS Support at . To learn more about phishing, visit our Secure I.T. page on Knect: Knect Home  > Kindred Links  > IS-Security Website or send an e-mail to .

You can make a difference  by learning about threats to data security, by following Kindred policy and security best practices and by quickly reporting HIPAA violations and other potential security incidents.  Questions? E-mail us at