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Healthcare Headlines - April 2016

By Claudia Lab

AHA Issues Guide for Improving the Patient Experience through the Physical Environment

One way for hospitals to improve patient satisfaction is to focus on their physical environment, according to a new guide by the AHA's Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence initiative and American Society for Healthcare Engineering. Read More   

Hospitals Eye Community Health Workers to Cultivate Patients' Successes

Donnie Missouri, 58, doesn't have medical training. He started his health career in the linens department in Johns Hopkins Hospital. Read More

The Right Way to Wash your Hands

The world's two leading public-health bodies list different instructions on their websites for getting your hands clean. Read More   

Obama Signs Older Americans Re-authorization Act

President Obama has signed the Older Americans Re-authorization Act (OAA) into law, reestablishing funding levels for many services that enable millions of older adults to remain in their homes through retirement. Read More   

How Home Health Can Improve Fall Rates and Re-admissions

Home health can play a significant role in reducing the number of emergency room re-admissions among seniors after a fall, according to a new study focused on why older adults end up back at the hospital after an initial fall. Read More   

CDC, OSHA Issue Guidance for Protecting Workers from Zika Exposure

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued guidance for protecting outdoor workers, health care and laboratory workers, mosquito control workers and business travelers against occupational exposure to Zika virus. Read More  

Hospitals Test Putting Psychiatrists on Medical Wards

Some leading hospitals have begun placing psychiatrists and other mental-health professionals into medical units to identify psychological problems early in a patient's stay. Read More   

AARP: We Need Technology to Bridge the Caregiver Gap

With the majority of older Americans wanting to age in place, the number of caregivers is set to grow rapidly, along with a huge opportunity for supportive technology in this space. Read More   

The White House Wants to Create Health Care Jobs

The administration has announced a new initiative, Health Careers Pathways, intended to help steer millions of Americans to work in the health care sector across the next decade. Read More


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By Claudia Lab