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The story of Dr. Al Sindi is a remarkable narrative of perseverance, support and recovery. His wife, Dr. Eman, shared it with us on the day before her husband was to be discharged.

"My husband had spinal surgery in April of 2015. After the procedure, he was highly functional and everything looked like it was going well, until he had an embolic stroke not long afterwards. He lost all function and developed serious complications, including sepsis" said Dr. Eman. "He was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he had extensive surgical treatment to stabilize his condition - which couldn't have been more serious as he was completely disabled by the stroke."

Dr. Eman and her family were extremely concerned about his prognosis, and when Dr. Al Sindi transferred to Kindred Chicago Lakeshore in September of 2015, they were unsure if it would be possible that he would ever regain any level of functionality and health.

"Right from the start my husband began receiving meticulous care from the staff at the hospital, and the level of support and clear communication from everyone involved in his care - including management - was immense and extensive" Dr. Eman said. "His primary physician, Dr. Jeffrey Dugas, led a complicated multidisciplinary effort. He meticulously coordinated the care for my husband among all staff involved, including nursing, respiratory, rehabilitation and dietary. It wasn't long before we began to see remarkable progress."

"I was with my husband every day he was at the hospital to provide support and encouragement. I would frequently take him out of his room and was always there to help with his care" Dr. Eman shared. "And now - just a day before he is to be discharged - nobody in my family could image that this would be possible 6 months after being admitted to Kindred. He is far better than we could have hoped for - he is reasonably mobile, fully conscious and alert. He can breathe and eat on his own and can maneuver his electric wheelchair quite well!"



As the conversation wound down, Dr. Eman said; "My husband is happy and looking forward to returning home to Bahrain. My family and I are deeply grateful for the amazing effort put forth by everyone at Kindred Chicago Lakeshore. Our experience here far exceeds our expectations and we can't imagine having gone anywhere else. Thank you to everyone who cared for my husband."

On behalf of everyone at Kindred, we wish Dr. Al Sindi and his family all the best and hope that his journey to recovery continues on his return back home. We are honored by the kind words shared above and will always strive to provide our patients and families with the level of care that makes miracles like these come true.

By Mel Bearns