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Healthcare Headlines - June 2016

By Kindred Healthcare

Family Caregivers Become More Crucial as Elderly Population Grows

Strain on family caregivers is alarming many lawmakers and social-service providers. Read More   

Antidepressants Carry Much Higher Fall Risk than Anti-psychotics, Study Finds

Nursing home residents with dementia who take antidepressants are at significantly higher risk of falls and fractures than those on anti-psychotics, new research shows. Read More   

Doctors Test Tools to Predict Your Odds of a Disease

Thomas McGinn, chairman of medicine at a major New York hospital system, is betting he can predict if a patient has strep, pneumonia or other ailments by calculating probabilities with a software program. Read More   

U.S. Will Spend $2.6 Trillion Less on Health Care than Expected Before Obamacare, Study Projects

A new study predicts that the federal forecast of national health care spending under President Obama's signature health law was a big overestimate - by $2.6 trillion over a five-year period. Read More   

Early Support Boosts Dementia Patients and Their Caregivers

Joe Foley, a retired college English professor, confided to his doctor that he was "leaking vocabulary," struggling to find the right words. Read More 

Households with Seniors Predicted to Increase 40%

The adult aging population, as well as the retirement-age population, is predicted to have a large impact on the housing market-and home health demand-in the coming years. Read More   

Study: Americans Spend Billions on Non-Conventional Health Approaches

Americans spend $30.2 billion out-of-pocket on complementary health approaches annually, a substantial percentage of the $328.8 billion spent in total out-of-pocket health care expenditures, a new study says. Read More   

How Tele-medicine is Transforming Health Care

After years of big promises, tele-medicine is finally living up to its potential. Read More   

End-Of-Life Care Better For Patients With Cancer, Dementia: Study Finds

A new study offers surprising findings about end-of-life care - specifically, physicians tend to be more likely to accommodate the advanced-care wishes of patients with cancer or dementia than renal disease, congestive heart failure, pulmonary disease or frailty. Read More    

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By Kindred Healthcare