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David and his wife, Linducia, were visiting a friend in Las Vegas. When they returned to their hotel she noticed his breathing didn't seem right. This is his story.

"It wasn't long after we got back to our hotel that David began having trouble breathing. I called the front desk and the paramedics arrived very quickly" Linducia said. "He was rushed to the hospital and we later found out it was only a matter of minutes before he would have died from a heart attack. He had emergency heart surgery and had three stents put in. During the surgery he also suffered from three strokes and his doctors had to induce a coma."

ds1After surgery his outlook was very poor. David also began suffering from massive kidney failure and had to have dialysis. "His condition actually worsened" Linducia recalled. "He was on every kind of medication imaginable, completely unconscious and immobile. None of the doctors thought he would survive. Then four weeks into this ordeal I asked his doctors to run an MRI brain scan as he had said that if he was ever brain dead he wouldn't want to 'live' hooked up to a machine."

Fortunately David still showed normal brain function "and that was when he was given a tracheostomy and transferred to Kindred Hospital" Linducia said. "This marked a big turning point for us because things really started to change when we came here."

"We immediately started to back down on all the drugs he was on and he began to come out of his trance. We had been at Kindred for a month when he was finally able to use the speaking valve, and that was so helpful as he was able to start talking about football with Bob, his respiratory therapist (he's crazy about football you know!) And the more he talked, the clearer his mind became, and once he started eating solid foods and was off the medications altogether, he was himself again."

David was highly motivated as he began doing rehab with the physical therapy team. "Not only would he do the number of reps they asked him to do - he would go the extra mile and do twice as many. And every day was special because we had so much support from the amazing staff at the hospital, especially Debbie who was the first person to welcome us. We got cards and letter from around the world, I was at his side every day, and even friends came to visit."

Then, just a little over two months since David was admitted to Kindred Hospital, he walked out on his own and was able to return to the life he nearly lost. "David jokes about this being a great weight-loss plan, but really, we wouldn't recommend it!" Linducia quipped. "His recovery is truly miraculous - everyone expected him to die - but he didn't. Now that we're home in Buffalo he is able to return to his job as a financial planner. His heart, lungs and kidneys are back to normal. The only after-effect he has is a slight imbalance from the strokes he had, but other than that, he's better than ever!"

Linducia shared one final thought as the interview wrapped up; "I am so grateful to everyone at Kindred Hospital for their incredible work. There is not a single person there who is not absolutely amazing!"

All of us at Kindred Hospital are incredibly proud of David and Linducia's teamwork and determination. We wish you both a lifetime of health and happiness!

By Mel Bearns