Hospice Medical Director Manual 3rd Edition Released

By Maggie Cunningham

Manfredonia2For physicians practicing or anticipating involvement as hospice medical directors, the Hospice Medical Director Manual (HMDM) is the go-to reference. Recently the third edition was released. Not only does it have twice the content of the previous edition, it also has a Kindred touch.

Two Kindred at Home physician leaders contributed to the new edition: Lyla Correoso-Thomas, MD, Kindred at Home Southeast Region National Medical Director is co-editor, and John Manfredonia, DO, Kindred at Home West Region National Medical Director, is also a contributor.

Our colleagues are in good company. The manual is both written and edited by a community of nationally recognized leaders in hospice and palliative care.

CorreosoThomasThis latest edition is the most extensive resource available for physicians practicing hospice medicine in the U.S. New chapters include topics on burnout, diversity, leadership and ethics. What is particularly appealing about this version is that it is designed with all levels of hospice care in mind. So whether you are a volunteer or the chief medical officer, it's an incredible asset for providing best practices and tools. The book has always included hospice physician qualifications and the breadth of roles they may play in hospice organizations.

"The Hospice Medical Director Manual is a great resource for those physicians who want to gain knowledge to maximize their performance in the HMD role. While excellent palliative medicine texts exist that provide information on the management of pain, dyspnea, and other symptoms, and good resources to teach communication skills are available, this manual contains important content that is not readily available or accessible elsewhere. It is an important resource that explains many aspects of HMD practice and material that must be mastered by hospice and palliative medicine fellows."  

-from foreword, by Edward W. Martin, MD MPH FAAHPM

Congratulations to our physician leaders who contributed to this work. For more information on the Hospice Medical Director Manual, visit: http://aahpm.org/self-study/hmd-manual