There's a Code for That! - ICD-10 Halloween Edition

By Maggie Cunningham

With fall upon us and Halloween fast approaching, we need to be aware of the potential for a number of unique accidents that can require a quick trip to the ER. Yes, it's that time of year when all of the spooks and spirits come out to play. And sometimes they get hurt.

Luckily, in 2015, the most recent revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) was released by the World Health Organization (WHO). The updated lists holds more than 14,000 codes, and 16,000 with optional sub-classifications of diseases, symptoms, complaints and external causes of injury or disease.

We have narrowed this down to the top eight potential codes that our clinicians may need to know during the month of October, particularly on the 31st:


Make sure to always keep two hands on the broom at all times,  
and no texting while flying. 


DEET may keep away the mosquitoes,  
but not vampires. 


A turtle-neck may be a good investment. 


Be careful with those jack-o-lanterns! 


Mostly just be careful not to turn into a werewolf.  


When sunglasses and sunscreen just aren’t enough... 


For when you wore too much sunscreen. 


As opposed to “wanted” male-pattern hair growth on a woman. 


All jokes aside, some of these codes—such as burns, bites or falls—may be quite useful. We also want to remind everyone to take extra precautions while enjoying the coming holidays this year. And for all of our clinicians, print these out and stick them in a central location for helpful Halloween reminders and a bit of spooky good fun!