Kindred Today - Clinical Impact Symposium 2016

By Leslie Leite

Wallace 1Kent Wallace, Chief Operating Officer, took the stage to speak about the current state of Kindred. He opened with a slide that answers the question "Who is Kindred" with one sentence:

Kindred is 102,200 dedicated teammates taking care of approximately 1,040,000 patients and residents in more than 2700 locations in 46 states.

In many ways, the number of people Kindred employees care for is the most important number of all, and Wallace paid tribute to all Kindred employees who provide care and touch so many lives every day.

audience 7From a business perspective, and to stay competitive, Wallace noted that "we've got to continue to measure what we do and outperform the national standards." This is necessary to meet the growing demand for care in an aging America, as well as to continue to help reduce the costs associated with that care. He noted that 10% of the sickest Medicare beneficiaries account for 60% of spending.

Wallace sees challenges in the pressures, from managed care, bundlers and others, on post-acute care utilization and lengths of stay. Currently, Wallace noted, rate pressures continue and the risk of commoditization of post-acute care services remains, which explains why Kindred has significantly diversified its business offerings and transformed its business mix over the years.

billBill Altman, Executive Vice President for Strategy, Policy and Integrated Care, looks at Kindred with an eye to the future, and he sees many of the issues of today impacting the direction of Kindred in the future- from value-based payments to acute care length of stay and other present-day issues. Moving forward, Altman shared the three pillar strategy for 2016 to 2022:

Pillar 1: Optimize the core - not just succeed, but improve, both clinically and financially

Pillar 2: Extend the core by building high-performance networks comprised of Kindred and non-Kindred services

Pillar 3: Be in a position to capture the upside in a value-based world

The overall goal of the three pillars is to strengthen the core by increasing utilization and adding value with services like care management. While no one can fully predict the future of any industry, these pillars emphasize Kindred's overall vision for the future of healthcare. 

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*Each year the Kindred Clinical Impact Symposium focuses on a topic to enhance clinical practice in the post-acute continuum and to maintain Kindred as a leader in clinical excellence. This eighth symposium focuses on pain management across the continuum. At this week’s symposium, held in Louisville, Kentucky, national speakers discuss these topics broadly, while internal speakers bring it home to Kindred attendees from across the country.