If you're in the room with Tori Murden McClure it's hard not to feel like an underachiever. Currently the President of Spalding University in Louisville, she has worked for the Mayor of Louisville and Muhammad Ali. She graduated from Smith, has a master's degree in divinity from Harvard, a law degree from the University of Louisville, and an MFA from Spalding.

Along the way, she's climbed mountains, traveled to the South Pole, and rowed alone across the Atlantic. She didn't need to tell us her story about her ocean voyage. Instead, she shared a TED Talk video with singer/songwriter Dawn Landis, who turned McClure's story into a song. Landis called it "A song for my hero, the woman who rowed into a hurricane."

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The song is beautiful and true. McClure's first attempt to cross the Atlantic ended when she ran into hurricane Danielle and then hurricane Earl and had to abandon her quest and return to land. Her tale didn't end there, though, and she turned the failure into motivation to try again - and she succeeded.

If there's one word you might use to describe her, it could easily be "commitment." She doesn't have a medical degree (yet), but she prepared for the symposium by reading several books on this year's topic, pain management, so she could understand what the clinicians in the room were focused on.

As she shares passages from her book, "A Pearl in the Storm," it is obvious that McClure has experienced pain, mentally and physically, so she can easily understand how important it is to help others who are experiencing it. In her life, those who helped her work through the pain made it possible for her to go on and do extraordinary things.

McClure closed the Clinical Impact Symposium 2016 by giving thanks to the clinicians in the room who make it possible for their patients to go on and do extraordinary things, too. 


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*Each year the Kindred Clinical Impact Symposium focuses on a topic to enhance clinical practice in the post-acute continuum and to maintain Kindred as a leader in clinical excellence. This eighth symposium focuses on pain management across the continuum. At this week's symposium, held in Louisville, Kentucky, national speakers discuss these topics broadly, while internal speakers bring it home to Kindred attendees from across the country.