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As part of Kindred's celebration honoring veterans in our country, Divisional Vice President Selece Beasley paid tribute to the men and women who have served over the years, including both her father and grandfather.

The service and sacrifice of these veterans, she noted, is humbling. She is proud that Kindred is able to help care for veterans and proud of the employees who provide that care. She shared the story of Julius Lenhbeuter, a World War II veteran and Kindred hospice patient in St. Louis.

Julius was chosen by the Honor Flight Network for a trip to visit Washington, DC, to see the memorials and other sites honoring veterans. Honor Flight is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America's veterans for all their sacrifices.

He was there for his country when we needed him, and his medical team was there for him when he needed them. In fact, they sprang into action to make sure that Julius would be able to make the trip. His nurse Kim traveled with him for a day-long visit that she will remember for a lifetime.

audience standing
Julius and Kim were driven to the capitol with a police escort and lights flashing to show they were escorting a VIP. Julius, Kim noted, was surprised by the attention and the strangers who stopped to thank him for his service. He thoroughly enjoyed the day and had no idea that when he got on the plane to go home that it wasn't over yet. When their plane landed in St. Louis, Kindred welcomed him with cheers and banners.

Back at the symposium, Ms. Beasley asked the veterans or those with veteran's in the family to stand for a moment to be recognized. More than half of the room stood up, but the entire audience joined together to honor everyone who has served our country. 

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