2016 Clinical Impact Symposium Wrap-Up

By Kindred Healthcare

The eighth annual Kindred Clinical Impact Symposium has officially come to a close. Luckily, we live-blogged the whole event, so you can always find that content right here on the Kindred Continuum. Here's a look at each of the speakers and panels in order: 


Let's Talk Pain  

Kindred Healthcare's 2016 Annual Clinical Impact Symposium kicked off on Tuesday, November 8. And in true Kentucky fashion, Steve Buttleman, the official bugler of Churchill Downs, played "My Old Kentucky Home" and the "call to the post" that is most often associated with the Kentucky Derby.  Read More  

The Many Faces of Pain  

Speaker Dr. Ronald Crossno, Chief Medical Officer of Kindred at Home, opened his presentation with a poll asking the audience several questions, including how many of them are dealing with chronic pain. The answer was 30%, which is very similar to the percentage of people in the general population who are affected.  Read More  

Providing Patient-Centered Analgesia  

Medications, while prescribed to promote healing and symptom relief, often have unintended effects that can hinder care goals. All clinicians must be able to recognize medication-related problems and reach out to pharmacists as necessary.  Read More  

Kindred Today  

Kent Wallace, Chief Operating Officer, took the stage to speak about the current state of Kindred. He opened with a slide that answers the question "Who is Kindred" with one sentence: Kindred is 102,200 dedicated teammates taking care of approximately 1,040,000 patients and residents in more than 2700 locations in 46 states.  Read More  

Paul Diaz Caring Award Recognition  

It's often been said that no one can or could give a facility tour like Paul Diaz. Paul was CEO of Kindred Healthcare for 10 years and is now a board member. Paul made a great impact on families and employees alike, which is why every year Kindred honors outstanding employees for going above and beyond with this special award in his name.  Read More  


Know Pain, Know Gain  

The University of Kentucky's College of Health Sciences presented this morning to kick off day two of Kindred's Clinical Impact Symposium. "How do we keep patients progressing at the expected rate, and what gets in the way of that?" asked Art Nitz, PhD, PT, ECS, OCS. How do we keep pain from getting in the way of that?  Read More    

Attacking Pain on All Fronts

Dr. Ed Covington is the former director of the Cleveland Clinic Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program and his career has largely centered on understanding and treating pain. He is quick to note that there is no "one right way" to treat pain, but emphasizes that "success comes only from addressing the whole person."  Read More     

Returning to the WHY  

Glenda Mack, Divisional Vice President of Clinical Operations for Kindred Hospital Rehabilitative Services, introduced Christa Dempsey, Chief Nursing Officer of Press Ganey.  Read More   


Kindred Honors Veterans  

As part of Kindred's celebration honoring veterans in our country, Divisional Vice President Selece Beasley paid tribute to the men and women who have served over the years, including both her father and grandfather.  Read More  

A Focus on Palliative Care  

To begin this discussion on palliative and hospice care, Dr. Marc Rothman, Chief Medical Officer, introduced a panel of three Kindred executive clinicians: Dr. Mark Fox, Dr. Amy Moss and Dr. Amjad Riar, Divisional Vice Presidents of Medical Affairs and Regional Medical Directors.  Read More  

Keeping Hope Alive - Tori Murden McClure  

If you're in the room with Tori Murden McClure it's hard not to feel like an underachiever. Currently the President of Spalding University in Louisville, she has worked for the Mayor of Louisville and Muhammad Ali. She graduated from Smith, has a master's degree in divinity from Harvard, a law degree from the University of Louisville, and an MFA from Spalding.  Read More