There's a Code for That! - ICD-10 Thanksgiving Edition

By Maggie Cunningham

For some, Thanksgiving is about family and giving thanks, for others it is about football or shopping. Regardless of what or why you are celebrating, there are plenty of accidents that land people in the emergency rooms, from deep-fried chicken incidents to Black Friday stampedes.

Luckily, in 2015, the most recent revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) was released by the World Health Organization (WHO). The updated lists holds more than 14,000 codes, and 16,000 with optional sub-classifications of diseases, symptoms, complaints and external causes of injury or disease.

We have narrowed this down to the top ten potential codes that our clinicians may need to know during the month of November, particularly on Thanksgiving and the day after:

electric knife

Maybe stick with a good, old-fashioned knife and use plenty of caution when carving.


Helmets and padding shouldn't be recommendations!


Keep your hands away from the livestock.


And listen when your body says it is full.


Again, with the livestock! Leave it to the professionals. 


Just take a deep breath and stray from talking politics or money.


For when someone forgets about the 'flag' and goes for the tackle.


At an all-time high when the relatives come around.


Maybe wait for snow angels instead of leaf angels?


Online shopping or sleeping in are healthy and safe alternatives.

All jokes aside, some of these codes-such as electric knife cuts and tryptophan overdosing-may be quite useful. We also want to remind everyone to take extra precautions while enjoying the coming holidays this year. And for all of our clinicians, print these out and stick them in a central location for helpful Thanksgiving reminders and a bit of holiday fun!