There's a Code for That! - ICD 10 Holiday Edition

By Maggie Cunningham

It's the time of snow and ice, trees and tinsel, naughty and nice. Yes, the holiday season has arrived, and with it, a unique set of accidents and hospital visits. Luckily, the most recent revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) was recently released by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The updated lists holds more than 14,000 codes, 16,000 with optional sub-classifications, of diseases, symptoms, complaints and external causes of injury or disease. But we have narrowed this down to the top ten potential codes that our clinicians may need to know during the holiday and winter months.

1. icd10 xmas 16 1   

I said 'ho ho ho' not 'go go go'!!!

2. icd10 xmas 16 2   

Or was it just global warming?

3.  icd10 xmas 16 3  

Not worth it, unless the snowman whispers Christmas secrets into your ear.

4. icd10 xmas 16 4   

In case you get triple-dog-dared!

5.    icd10 xmas 16 5

We can fix your back, just DON'T BREAK THE ORNAMENTS!

6.   icd10 xmas 16 6

Perhaps she'd been drinking too much eggnog?

7. icd10 xmas 16 7    

When a nap just isn't going to cut it.

8. icd10 xmas 16 8   

"You'll shoot your eye out," they warned.

9. icd10 xmas 16 9   

Tinsel in a tangle? 

10. icd10 xmas 16 10   

Not everyone can pull off that 'bowl-of-jelly' laugh.

All jokes aside, some of these codes - such as holiday exhaustion, excessive eating, or falling while decorating a tree (or even the house) - may find themselves quite useful. We want to remind everyone to take extra caution while enjoying the holidays and winter season this year. And for all of our clinicians, print these out and stick them in a central location for helpful holiday reminders and a bit of good holiday cheer!