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Healthcare Headlines - June '17 in Review

By Kindred Healthcare

One In Three Beneficiaries Now In Medicare Advantage Program

Medicare Advantage hit a milestone this year, with 19 million beneficiaries enrolled in an MA plan. Enrollment has increased 71% since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. Read More   

AHA Suggests Actions To Immediately Reduce CMS Regulatory Burden

Actions have been identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to immediately reduce the regulatory burden on hospitals, health systems and the patients they serve. Read More   

Chronic Pain Tied To Faster Memory Decline In Old Age

A recent study suggests that older people who suffer from persistent pain may experience a faster deterioration of memory and a greater risk of dementia as they age compared to peers who are not in chronic pain. Read More   

Hospitals Now Tap Lawyers To Fulfill Patients’ Legal Needs

As health care systems continue to shift toward becoming comprehensive medical homes for patients, health care providers are increasingly incorporating lawyers into the team of professionals who are on hand to help people at no additional charge to patients. Read More   


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By Kindred Healthcare