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Healthcare Headlines: September 2017

By Kindred Healthcare

CBO Predicts Rise In Deficit If Trump Cuts Payments To Insurance Companies

The CBO estimates that ending cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers will raise the deficit $194 billion over 10 years, something President Trump is considering. Read more

End-Of-Life Advice: More Than 500,000 Chat On Medicare’s Dime

2016 was the first year health care providers were allowed to bill for an advance-care planning session and nearly 575,000 Medicare beneficiaries took advantage. Read more

CMS Appears Set to Cancel Mandatory Episodic Payments

The OMB appears to be reviewing a newly proposed rule new that, per the title, implies CMS plans to cancel the mandatory EPM and Cardiac Rehab programs. Read more

Trump Just Declared the Opioid Epidemic a 'National Emergency,' Here's What That Could Mean

President Trump declares the opioid epidemic a national emergency; the exact effects of which are not yet known, but experts say it could open up federal relief funds to states and cities hit hardest by the crisis. Read more

CMS Launches New Hospice Compare Website

CMS added a new tool to their CMS Compare family of websites, Hospice Compare, aimed to help patients and their families find the hospice care that best meets their needs. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare