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Healthcare Headlines: October 2017

By Kindred Healthcare

Burnout Among Hospitalists

Study reveals that burnout rates among hospitalists compared with those of general internists who practice in outpatient settings do not differ greatly; however, the groups do differ in the top symptoms they experience. Read more

HHS Hints At Major Changes To Medicare That Could Mean Higher Costs For Patients

The current administration is indicating it will pursue significant changes to Medicare that could increase costs for beneficiaries. In a recent informal proposal, officials hinted at several new pilot programs they are considering. Read more

Millennial nurses are headed for the exit. Here's how to stop them

Despite retention efforts, health systems are losing early-tenure millennial nurses almost as fast as they can train them, claims Marisa Deline, a practice manager with Advisory Board's Nursing Executive Center (NEC). Find out ways to reverse the trend. Read more

Nurses Not Immune to Stress from Disaster

The recent Hurricanes remind us that the pressures of providing care in the wake of natural disasters can be especially significant for nurses. Two recent reports in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship offer insights on emergency preparedness, recovery, and resilience. Read more

Aggressive Diagnoses And Care Spark Big Rise In Medicare Sepsis Discharges

In 2015, sepsis beat out major joint replacements as the most common discharge for the first time. Patient safety experts claim that this is likely due to changes in clinical practice over the last 15 years to diagnose more patients with infections as septic sooner. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare