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Healthcare Headlines: January 2018

By Kindred Healthcare

The Data Are In, But Debate Rages: Are Hospital Readmission Penalties A Good Idea?

Research has begun to assess the impacts of financial incentives for hospitals to reduce readmissions. Preliminary data is coming in and already experts, looking at the same numbers, are reaching different conclusions. Read more

Social Media May Help Chronically Ill Connect To Doctors, Fellow Patients

A recent study suggests social media groups that bring together patients, family, friends and healthcare providers can improve patients’ outlook and reduce their anxiety and depression. Read more

Toolkit Supports Safe Ambulatory Care Transitions

The recently developed Safe Transitions Toolkit, provides practical and evidence-based tools for clinical staff to work more effectively with patients for new and follow-up appointments, as well as provides resources for patients and caregivers. Read more

CDC: More Than 20% Of 85+ Adults Need ADL Assistance

New study shows prevalence of ADL assistance needs in the elderly. Over 20% of adults aged 85 or more years needed help with activities of daily living, meaning they are more than twice as likely as those aged 75 to 84 (8.5%) and more than six times as likely as adults aged 65 to 74 (3.4%) to need ADL assistance. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare