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Healthcare Headlines: March 2018

By Kindred Healthcare

Uber Launches Ride Service Tailored to Health Care Providers

UberHealth hits the market, enabling health care providers to hail on-demand and scheduled rides for patients. Uber is hoping to help reduce missed appointments and the trickledown effect they have on healthcare spending. Read more

Assuming Risk Key to Medicare Savings Under New Payment Models

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) only generate savings for the government if they accept risk, according to an analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Read more

Congress just changed MACRA. That's good news for some—and bad news for others

The latest budget agreement enacted several changes to health policy, including the most significant legislative changes to MACRA since its approval. Read more

U.S. Healthcare Spending Projected To Climb 5.3 Percent In 2018

Health spending this year is projected to rise, reflecting rising prices of medical goods and services and higher Medicaid costs. Read more

Hospice Satisfaction In Nursing Homes Lags Behind Other Long-Term Care Settings

A new study finds that the perceived quality of hospice care in nursing homes (NHs) compares poorly to other settings such as home health and assisted living. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare