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Healthcare Headlines: January 2019

By Kindred Healthcare

ACO Roundup: CMS Finalizes Rule To Make ACOs Take On More Risk

Catch up on the latest news regarding ACOs you may have missed over the holidays, including CMS’ announcement it would force Medicare-accountable care organizations to assume downside risk sooner. Read more

How A Computer Model Can Help Control MRSA Outbreaks In Hospitals

According to a study in eLife, a computer-based model could help hospitals control outbreaks of MRSA and identify those patients who have a higher risk of being infected. Read more

This Type Of Illiteracy Could Hurt You

More than half of older Americans lack the skills to gather and understand medical information. Dubbed as “health literacy,” healthcare providers are encouraged to simplify their language and work with their patients to make sure they understand the basic information needed to make appropriate health decisions. Read more

Four Hot Healthcare Topics From 2018

Check out these 4 trends from the past year that are likely to have a long-lasting impact on U.S. healthcare. Read more

How Hospitals Are Preparing For CMS' Price Transparency Change

After the passage of a new rule back in 2018, CMS intends to increase price transparency for patients. The new change took effect on January 1 of the new year. Read more

Surprise Billing Solution Must Protect Patients, Healthcare Groups Tell Congress

In an effort to better protect patients against unexpected gaps in insurance coverage that can result in surprise medical bills, 2 healthcare groups have delivered a letter to Congress calling for a “public policy solution”. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare