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Healthcare Headlines: April 2019

By Kindred Healthcare

Sepsis Treatment Costs Shoot Up $1.5 Billion For Hospitals Over 3 Years

New report by Premier found the cost of treating patients who develop sepsis in the hospital rose by 20% in just 3 years. Most interesting, the number of patients who developed sepsis declined by 15%, but spending increased significantly as those patients were more likely to get septic shock, which is more severe and therefore more costly to treat. Read more

Doctors Need To Do Better At Talking To Families About Critically Ill Patients

Recent study monitored 244 conferences between clinicians and families of patients in intensive care units who have at least a 50% chance of dying in the hospital. The findings concluded that these conversations could be improved through more recognition of the patients’ values and preferences. Read more

How Medicare Advantage Steers The Silver Tsunami Into Coordinated, Value-Based Care

Current MA plans are thriving with enrollment growth of more than 30% in the last 4 years. This is particularly notable considering that the number of people eligible for Medicare grew by only 18% during that same period. Read more

How To Encourage Hospital Patients To Speak Up About Concerns

Latest research shows that encouraging patients to speak up about problems that occur during hospitalizations can improve patients’ experience and safety. Read more

Could Consumerism Hurt The Healthcare System And Undermine Patient-Centric Care?

Hospitals and health systems are becoming increasingly consumer-centric with some providers starting to offer amenities and conveniences found in other industries. Read more

CMS Expands What’s Covered By Medicare Advantage, Hoping To Address Social Determinants Of Health

CMS announced that in 2020, chronically ill patients with MA plans will be able to access a broader range of supplemental benefits, such as meal delivery options, transportation to buy groceries, and home air cleaners. Read more

U.S. Government Boosts 2020 Medicare Payments to Insurers by 2.53 Percent

In response to the latest estimates on medical cost growth, the U.S. government will increase the average 2020 payments to health insurers that manage Medicare Advantage insurance plans for seniors and the disabled. Read more

AHA Shares Recommendations For Improving, Expanding Access To Telehealth

AHA shared recommendations with Congress for improving and expanding access to telehealth, including urging them to expand Medicare coverage, resolve legal and regulatory challenges and more. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare